Tips for Buying Rap Beats Online

Buying rap beats online is really easy these days. You can find millions of beats on the internet but sometimes it can be tricky and confusing.

You should never rush to purchase even if you feel like you’ve found the perfect beat for your song. Here are some tips that can be helpful for any artist who is looking to buy beats online.

Where can I find rap beats?

It’s so easy to get distracted among thousands of places offering so many instrumentals for sale. Here are some of the places that I’d personally recommend:

1. Beats on Google

If you’re looking for beats, it is always the best to start out with Google Search. You can find tracks from reputed websites and producers using Google Search. Producers who appear on Google Searches are usually the professionals who have made a name for themselves and have had a good reputation.

You can search using keywords like buy rap beats or rap beats for sale. Search for these keywords in google and you’re bound to find some really great producers selling professional quality tracks.

2. Type Beats on YouTube

You can go on YouTube and search for by artist’s style like “Drake Type Beat” or “Future Type Beat”. You can also search by moods like “Emotional Beats” “Sad Guitar Beat”. Thousands of producers upload their tracks, every day on YouTube. YouTube also has a lot of free beats that you can use if you’re just starting to rap.

With that being said, if you’re somebody who wants to try different styles and producers, YouTube is definitely the place where you should start your search.

3. Marketplaces

If you are an artist who has had some experience buying beats online, you might have noticed that almost all the producers use BeatStars or Airbit for their websites. They doesn’t just provide the beat players but they also have their own marketplace filled with uploads from all the producers who use their service. Like YouTube, these marketplaces also allow you to search for the by style or mood that you’re looking for.

Some producers also allow you to download free beats before opting to buy them. That way, you can record to them before you decide on investing your hard earned money.

Found a beat that you like?

Congrats, that’s almost half of the work done. Now you need to research a couple more things before you take the leap. Remember, you are investing on your career and you should be very smart about it.

1. Write and record your song

It is always very important to record to the beat before you buy it. You want to test if the song sounds good. It’s always smart to record the song and gather feedback from your listeners and friends before buying it. Producers usually have free download option in their YouTube channel or website. You can even ask the producer to provide you a tagged version so you can write to it and see how the song sounds.

2. Read the licensing terms

Usually when you buy beats online, a lot of producers follow similar licensing options and terms. The most important thing differentiating the licensing options is how many copies of songs you can sell. Different licensing options have different limitations. Unlimited Lease and Exclusive are two licensing options that come with no limits. They allow you to monetize the song in every ways possible. You can find the licensing terms in the producer’s website.

3. Check your budget

As an artist, you need to learn how to budget right. You don’t want to spend all your money on beats and have nothing for promoting your song. You must set a budget for promotion just like you set a budget for your studio time, engineering etc. Most of the times, producers offer entry level licensing options like MP3 Lease or WAV Lease. These leasing options allow you to test the song by putting it out and then buying bigger license as you need.

For example, I sell my MP3 Leases for $30 and WAV Leases for $50. Even the most basic MP3 Lease allows you to sell up to 3,000 copies of your song. If you’re a serious artist, I’d recommend starting with WAV Lease because it comes with high quality WAV file and it also increases the sales limitation to up to 5,000 copies. You can start small and buy the bigger licensing options if the song performs well. For artists with budget, there are licensing options with no limitations like Unlimited Lease or Exclusive.

4. Most importantly, talk to the producer

Talking to the producer is a great opportunity to establish a connection and network. You can also get an idea of how good the customer support is. You do not want to buy from a producer who doesn’t care about you or your music. A serious producer would at least make an effort to listen to your songs and try to build a working relationship with you.

Building a good relationship with the producer can help you network with other people in music industry. The producer can also promote your work across his social channels. That might lead to a lot of music related people like A&Rs and Talent Scouts discovering you. That’s why it’s always important to talk to the producer and build a good relationship. You want to surround yourself with people who believe in your dreams just as much as you do.

5. Check the beat for samples

Another thing that you really want to check is if any samples have been used while making the track. You do not want to have a hit song and have your publishing rights or profits taken from you. There are so many cases of producers sampling old records and leading rapper to a lot of legal trouble. How do you know if it has samples? Well, you just ask the producer.

In my case, I never sample old records or anything that would get any of my clients into any legal hardships. Even if I use samples, it is already licensed from the sample makers, you do not need to worry about the clearance.

6. Ask for discounts

A lot of times, a producer would be more than willing to provide you with discounts if you’re a new customer or buying in bulk. That’s why you should contact the producer and talk about discounts. Any amount of money that you saved can be used to promote yourself. So, try to ask for discounts when buying beats. Do not overspend. Spending smart is the key.

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