Frequently Asked Questions

Will the tags be removed when I purchase the beat?

Yes. All the beats purchased from the site are completely tagless and are delivered instantly to your inbox as soon as you purchase them.

How long does it take to receive the beats?

The beats are instantly sent through the email as soon as the payment is completed. Sometimes, your email might list the mail with file as spam so, be sure to check the spam folder in your email. In any case where you aren't able to receive or download the files, you can always contact me at I will manually send them to you and guide you during the process.

Do I get the contract after I purchase the beats?

You'll be sent the contract for the beat with the files of the beat through your email as soon as you buy the beat.

How can I pay for the beats?

You can use Paypal or any Credit Cards to purchase beats from the site. You can also contact us in case you run into any problems during the process.

Can I use the beat for profitable purpose?

Yes. All the leases come with commercial license to use the beats for profitable purposes. You can use them to profit through music sales (iTunes, Amazon etc.), Streaming (Apple Music, Spotify etc.) and other music selling platforms.

Do you have a free beats available?

I upload free beats that are completely tagless and available for usage often. Make sure you check the website often so you stay updated when they'll be released.

What's the difference between normal leases and tracked out leases?

The normal leases (MP3 Lease & WAV Lease) come with one master file which is mixed by me. The tracked out leases (Trackout Lease & Unlimited Lease) come with individual files of each sound used in the beat. Tracked out leases are for the users who want to engineer or alter the beat as they wish.

What's the difference between leases and exclusive rights to a beat?

With lease, the beat can be leased to multiple users for small amount until exclusive license is sold. Buying exclusives makes you the only owner of the beat and the beat is removed fromwebsite and my youtube channel as soon as you purchase an exclusive license to it. It also comes with publishing rights mentioned in the contract. If you have any queries or you want to buy exclusive rights for any beats from my store, contact me.

How can I get exclusive rights for a beat?

To get an exclusive license for a beat, contact me using the contact form in the site or through email. My email address is You could also contact me in my Instagram or Twitter @ProdByAlexx.